Fitness & Wellness

ONR Fitness & Wellness Programs

Enhancing Community Life & Freedom


ONR is committed to providing every resident with the resources and services they need to maintain or regain their optimal level of independence. In addition to physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy, ONR offers wellness and fitness programs. These programs, which combine lectures, education, exercise classes, and newsletters, focus on mind and body. They provide the resources, motivation and encouragement to help older adults age in place.

Education, Fitness & Rehab Therapy

ONR provides a variety of fitness classes to ensure optimum results for each participant. All classes will begin with a session on the benefits of exercise for seniors, starting an exercise program, choosing exercise attire and goal setting. This will increase compliance and improve outcomes.

Program highlights of what we offer through various facilities or communities we work with.

Tai Chi: The ancient practice of tai chi involves a series of postures and movements that flow together to promote stability, strength, and flexibility, as well as mental acuity. *By facility request.

Chair Yoga: Yoga is one of the oldest forms of exercise and provides both mental and physical benefits including flexibility, stress relief, general fitness, and improved overall health. Chair yoga offers the benefits of traditional yoga to participants with balance and endurance challenges.

Aquatic Class: Aquatic exercise works multiple body systems at the same time with a low risk of injury and stress to the joints. People of all fitness levels can reap the benefits of this type of exercise, as the buoyancy of being in the water can provide both support and resistance.

Senior couple doing sport and physical exercises outdoor. Active senior man and elderly woman doing workout at park. Aged couple doing their stretches in the park.

Better Balance Incorporating OTAGO: Falls Prevention starts with improving balance- the result of the interaction of multiple systems that become less efficient with age. Our Falls Prevention class will present a multidimensional approach to improvement of balance, focusing on weight-bearing and strengthening exercises.

Group Walking Club: Walking is one of the best and easiest forms of exercise. Walking in a group improves motivation, accountability, and adherence to a program. Focus will be on improving fitness, balance, and aerobic endurance and building social connection.

Cardio Dance: Group aerobics classes are a fun way to get moving while also improving balance and coordination, reducing stress, and boosting overall fitness level. Easy dance movement and socialization add to the benefits of this group.

Total Body Stretch: Stretching is a great way to increase circulation and flexibility. Exercises performed in standing and sitting will stretch all large muscle groups.

Wellness Lectures and Education

ONR offers a wide variety of educational presentations, tailored to the specific needs of the community. Residents receive information about topics related to aging, fitness and managing disease to name a few. Education is ongoing and presented by our team.