Who We Are


Rehab Therapy

Programs for Skilled Nursing Facilities & Senior Living Communities
A member of the EmpowerMe Wellness family of companies, ONR is a diverse network of therapists and industry professionals with a goal-driven mindset. We collaborate to understand your issues. We drive implementation of rehab solutions to enhance your community and build happier, healthier tomorrows for your residents.
Rehabilitation department goal is to provide highest quality service to each individual resident we treat in therapy
Our Therapy services are most effective in a collaborative environment which involves the entire interdisciplinary team.
We strive to meet the individual needs for each of our partners.
Our focus on maximizing outcomes results in residents reaching their highest functional potential and best quality of life.

03Success Stories from Communities

Learn how ONR has excelled in communities around the country.



Our mission is the relentless pursuit of opportunities to improve the lives of seniors.


We strive to work in an environment where ethics and integrity are never questioned because they are delivered at the highest level.  We hold ourselves and our team members accountable for their actions and expect excellence in all areas of focus.


Servant Leadership

We lead with service. We apply our unique strengths to look out for the seniors we serve, as well as each other.​


Relentless Drive

We are an unwavering force for good. Each day brings new ways to improve life for those we serve, and we are determined to make the most of every opportunity.



We create unique paths to shared goals. In our business, it is essential to have a foundation of mutual understanding and agreement. We ensure this alignment exists universally, so we can collaborate effectively and succeed at our mission.​


Audacity & Bravery

We tackle enormous challenges. We are professional superheroes who have the power to walk into any situation and make it better than we found it.​


Fierce Intellectual Curiosity

We value the discovery of truth. This shows in the energy we put towards listening, exploring, and creating the best solutions for communities and individuals. It’s also evident in how freely we share information, so we can be understood ourselves. ​


Long-Term Focus

We always look ahead. We are dedicated to investing in people, building for tomorrow, and focusing on our Mission.


We Have Fun!

We spread happiness. Part of being healthy is pursuing happiness. We come to work with a sense of humor, a ready smile, and a positive perspective.