Solutions for Seniors

Occupational therapy empowers seniors to get back into living

Occupational Therapists are activity analysis specialists who help people complete important activities and meaningful occupations that they want to do and need to do in their daily routine. Whether it is adapting the environment, modifying a task, or teaching someone compensatory strategies, occupational therapists holistically assess the whole person and tailor individualized strategies so that person can live life to the fullest. Using the latest evidenced-based interventions, ONR occupational therapist design meaningful and graded treatment plans for people across the lifespan.

Occupational Therapists Address :

Activities of Daily Living (e.g., Dressing)
Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (e.g., Shopping)
Health Management (e.g., Medication Management)
Rest and Sleep
Play / Leisure
Social Participation (e.g., Participation in Community Events)

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