Skilled Nursing

Customized Solutions for Your Skilled Nursing Community

ONR therapy services enhance your Skilled Nursing Faclility

Our Short-term rehab program is designed to return residents to their home setting safely and efficiently.  Preventing acute readmissions is also our goal.  We provide:

Evaluation as soon as is practical for all appropriate disciplines
7 day a week therapy
Resident focused goal-setting and discharge planning
Focus on evidence-based intervention to maximize outcomes
Access to clinical resources and programming support
PDPM Formula for success
Flexible and customizable outcomes tracking

Our rehab services are covered by Medicare and most other insurances and can help with:

  • Arthritis and Osteoporosis conditions
  • Back and neck pain
  • Balance/walking difficulties
  • Communication and swallowing problems
  • Falls prevention
  • Orthopedic injuries
  • Performance of daily activities
  • Posture correction and training
  • Pre- and post-surgical rehab
  • Other conditions that may previously have required an inpatient stay

ONR provides comprehensive rehab services to nearly 100 skilled nursing facilities in five states, including physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech-language therapy, and rehab management.

We provide the best clinical care to the residents we serve by giving our clinicians access to valuable tools and resources that support clinical reasoning and create a patient-centered environment. Our clinical programs derive from evidence-based approaches to care and our clinicians have access to continuing education ongoing. We work in a true partnership with our customers and their interdisciplinary teams to help patients regain or retain their optimal level of independence. Our partners also benefit from regulatory and reimbursement expertise and cutting edge approaches to therapy management. We use a collaborative interdisciplinary approach to rehab and work with our partners to determine the specific services that are right for them.

Long term care approach

ONR specializes in a proactive approach to identifying rehab needs of the long-term care resident. ONR has a specific protocol to provide services to the long-term care population; including identification, treatment, tracking and follow up utilizing: 

Facility Census + Resident Rounds + Dining Room Rounds
Focused screenings based on quarterly schedules, resident-at-risk information and changes of status
Documentation review
Quality Indicator report reviews
Staff interviews
Facility and staff education programs


ONR’s PDPM Formula for Success brings essential tools and knowledge to help your team capture all patient characteristics to maximize reimbursement. 

In-depth PDPM training for our DORs
Capture check and NTA checklist were developed to help identify all relevant elements of the MDS
Casamba pre-screen
Active participation in identification of CMG specific patient characteristics
MDS analytics allow us to help you identify areas of potential for PDPM