Mindful Living

Addressing the needs of Seniors - the Formal Approach


Taking action with individual needs

There are multiple types of dementias and related disorders, some of which are potentially reversible. It is critically important to understand the symptoms associated with each diagnosis, as well as their onset and disease progression.  We remember that every individual is unique and has individual needs.


MINDFUL LIVING is a formalized approach to addressing the needs
of seniors who are experiencing memory loss or a decline in function related to dementia or other cognitive issues. The program is based upon Allen Cognitive Level screen (ACLS) which is a test that evaluates the ability of someone
to make decisions, maintain independence and safely perform basic skills.


The Purpose of mindful living is to:

Mindful Living assures that all caregivers are working together to maximize the function and quality of seniors.

Identify seniors showing memory problems or decreased ability to function in their residence
Determine your functional level
Educate you and family members on coping strategies
Provide non-pharmacological interventions to enhance quality of life and improve your ability to function.